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This site is managed by Peoria web design company OIC Group, a well known website design firm that has a solid reputation far beyond just offering web design and development services to companies in Peoria, Illinois. OIC Group is multinational enterprise that owns web properties in many facets of web-based solutions.

More Than Just a Web Design Company

OIC Group is farm more than just a Peoria web design company. In addition to owning a number of specialized web properties that focus on ecommerce, website optimization, and other aspects of website creation and marketing, OIC Group itself provides many services that have distinguished the web design company as leading entity in Peoria and central Illinois.

Reknown for its authority as a top-rated Peoria web design company for over 12 years since it's inception, the Peoria web design branch of OIC Group has drastically evolved its practice into many highly-valued services. Some of the web-based solutions that OIC Group delivers include:

Secure, Dedicated Web Servers & Web Hosting

Although you wouldn't think that a local Peoria web design company would specialize in secure, dedicated web servers, this one niche that OIC has carved over the last couple of years. Ideal for all types of clients, especially large organizations that own numerous web properties, ensuring their websites are safely and smoothly running is a major asset.

SEO-friendly Web Design & Development

One of the core specialties that this Peoria website design company offers is SEO-friendly web design and development services. Recognizing the demand for technically-smooth websites that can be efficiently crawled and indexed by major search engines, OIC Group dedicated a high degree of focus in mastering the craft of SEO-friendly website design and HTML coding.

Responsive & Mobile Web Design Company

Also in a way to adapt to the growing demands and mobile shift in digital marketing and website design, the Peoria web design company has untapped the potential of responsive web design. Responsive web design is simply the ability a website has to adapt its overall look and usability to small screen sizes, like that of smartphone or tablet. The Peoria web designers of OIC apply uniquely developed layouts that are more flexible, in addtion to customizing CSS media queries and other site elements.

Ecommerce Web Design & Development

As one of OIC's flagship specialties, the Peoria web design firm offers a high level of experience and expertise offering ecommerce web design and development. However, in addition to just offering web design, the Peoria-based company has built its own online shopping cart system and CMS (content management system) known as Exponent. The Exponent CMS is one of the most secure, easy to use, and SEO-friendly CMS platforms available. It's also open source, so whether or not you work with this web design company in Peoria, IL, you can still leverage it for your online store.

Local Web Design for Peoria-based Companies

As the roots to OIC Group's core offering of website design solutions, the company still offers more simple yet effective services in local web design for Peoria-based companies. Spanning from SMB's to freelancing profressionals, local website design solutions offered by the company are second to none. They also offer huge assortment of website templates for very affordable solutions.

Web Branding & Logo Design

In addition to offering an abundance of services and expertise in web design and creation, many local business (as well as enterprise around the world) work the Peoria web design company for custom web branding and logo design. Because the branding elements are a vital ingredient to the core appeal to almost any online business, OIC offers talented graphic designers who can custom design graphics, buttons, banners, logos, and various other design elements for companies both large and small.

Specialized & Technical Website Solutions

Not all aspects of building and operating a website (or even, a web presence) are meant to be pretty. The back-end technical aspects of web design and development, although not as visually appealing, are equally important.

Website that maybe rending slow or not performing optimally according to certain webmaster tool can benefit from the Peoria, IL company's website optimization solutions. Starting with a simple audit of the site, the experts of OIC can quickly troubleshoot prominent weaknesses that may be hindering the performance of a website. The team can then address these issues with the proper strategies and techniques to optimize load speed, enhance usability, and improve the converion orientation of the website.

What Else Makes OIC Unique?

Unlike other Peoria, IL web design companies, OIC Group cares more about delivering a complete website. They also care about getting your website traffic. For this reason, the web design company also offers a wide spectrum of solutions in web marketing.

Whether you want your website ranking at the top of the search results for your company's keywords or want to build an audience leveraging social media, OIC Group is well-equipped with the talent and resources to provide a wide range of Internet marketing services. Some of these include: organic SEO, PPC advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, and inbound marketing. If you need it, OIC's probably go it.

Contact the Peoria Web Design Office

To learn more, contact the Peoria web design office of OIC Group by visiting the website, Facebook page, Google+ page, or by calling: (309) 680-5600.