The Best Military Backpacks for the Field

ACU-Backpacks-for-SaleWhether you wear the ACU uniform or the MultiCam uniform, the following military backpacks form part of the most important artillery necessary for any field military mission. Soldiers in field combat missions will find these backpacks very useful especially when faced with tough missions in tough geographical locations.

Three Day Elite Military Backpack

This backpack is designed following PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) and MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) load-bearing system. This military outdoor backpack allows hundreds of pouches to be attached for items such as magazines, holsters, radio and knife sheathes among other gear. When a military officer places the three day elite backpack on, there is an apparent presence of the padded mesh which maintains the comfort of the wearer in the long distances and sometimes scorching conditions of field military operations. This is one of the official recommended military backpacks and bug out bags for field combat zones because the backpack remains secure and comfortable throughout any tough movements. The three day elite military backpack also gives the officer confidence of the protection of any delicate devices due to the durability of the pack.

Bug Out Bag Military Backpacks

Coming in a variety of styles and camo patterns like ACU, ABU, and MultiCam, the Bug out Bag, also known as a BOB, 72 Hour Bag, or Get out of Dodge Bag is a military backpack designed to get a military officer out of any emergency situation allowing up to 3 days of survival. This backpack carries lifesaving items and if packed to its capacity survival can be extended by more than a week. The ACU or Multicam gear and uniform items that fit in the bug out bag for military operations are as follows:

  • Water: The officer should pack at least an allocation of 1 liter of clean water per day should be packed.
  • Military Clothing: For any military officer to survive combat conditions for many days; it is important to have the right military issue clothes for the climatic conditions of the combat zone and the bug out bag offers enough space for all combat gear.
  • Shelter: Shelter is a vital requirement for days of camping and military officers are not exempted from this important factor. The bug out bag carries materials for shelter such as sleeping bags and tents.
  • First Aid Kit: The bug out bag also gives space for the all important first aid kit to carry along in case of any emergencies. The bug out bag military backpack must also include key survival gear such as; fire gear, cooking gear, flash-light, food and also a survival Knife and weapons like a handgun.

For wearers of the MultiCam uniform or ACU (Army Combat Uniform), these military backpacks offer exceptional comfort in the field.