Load Scanner System Improves Operational Efficiency for Mining Companies

Load ScanMining operators regularly need to weigh payload in order to obtain precise and accurate weights of materials being transported. Transporting mining material is an expensive procedure hence it is crucial for a mining company to have an accurate record of each tonne of material being trasported in order to calculate driving cost per ton.

Using the Walz load scanner can help a mining company accurately, quickly and easily weigh large volumes of material. The scanners are incredibly easy to use and install. Load scanners such as the Walz load scanner is an excellent alternative to heavy-duty truck scales because they are more accurate and efficient.

How Does the Load Scanner Work?

The scanners system uses advanced algorithms and laser technology. The system compares empty vehicle scans to scans of loaded trucks. RFID tags that operators fit in the trucks trigger the whole process.

The scanners allow the operators to view 3-D images of their truck loads that have a high-definition. Manufacturers have integrated the load scanner systems with propriety platforms that are compatible with almost all types of mobile devices and computers. The operator can hence very easily scan, monitor and manage data that the device has studied and computed.

What's more with the load scanner system is that load tickets derived from the process can be printed or emailed for easier online management. The online management is particularly ideal for cloud-based online accounts.

Benefits of the Walz Load Scanner

Below we share some of the most advanced features and benefits of the Walz load scanner system.

1) Affordability of the load scanner

Traditionally, mining material has been weighed using heavy-duty weigh bridges, or portable truck scales who's installation cost is double that of a load scanner system. Maintainance, recalibration and repair costs are also incredibly cheap as compared to weighbridges and portable truck scales.

2) Accuracy of load scanning calculations

Walz load scanners provide reliable and accurate measurements where cubic volume is the required metric. Uncertainties in moisture content, variables in compaction and variations in loads mined, transported and delivered are drastically minimized. Therefore, traditional approaches like guess work that are unreliable and inaccurate are eliminated.

3) Durability and flexibility

A mining company can install the load scanner in a myriad of locations such as; designated scanning sites, haul roads or anywhere else that suits the miner's requirements. A Walz scanner is also made to endure hard and rugged mining conditions and years and years or operation. The scanners also come in a variety of options hence an operator can choose what they prefer.

4) Increased efficiency

Once you install the load scanner technology, you can start using it immediately. You can start weighing and obtaining your payload in seconds. The software can allow you to access the data remotely through a platform known as PayloadPro.

5) Dependability of the load scanner

Load Scanner DataYou can depend on a Walz load scanner to perform with high accuracy even in the most remote and harsh conditions. Scanners do not need constant recalibration and repairs, hence can go for years and years before they break down.

If you are in search of a reliable, affordable and accurate way to manage you minind data, a Walz load scanner will be ideal for you. It will help you stay afloat and easily cope with the high competition that comes with the mining industry. It will also give you the 'efficiency' competitive edge that will enable you to stay ahead of your competitors.