56-357 Compact Modular ACU Backpack

Military-BackpacksThe 56-357 Compact Modular ACU backpack is a hydration backpack made up of one large main compartment, an outside pocket designed with an inside mesh and a hydration pocket created with Velcro closure accompanied with a carrying handle.

This ACU backpack for sale is a day combat survival military backpack that comes fitted with a complete 2.5 liter bladder as well as modular attachment points on the front face. In addition to military soldiers in the field, this ACU backpack is also quite ideal for the common outdoorsman or expeditionist.

One of the Best Army ACU Backpacks for Comfort

The 56-357 Compact Modular ACU Backpack has an expandable design and fully adjustable shoulder straps including heavy duty zippers to secure all military gear included in the backpack. Unlike other Army ACU backpacks, this unique design offers exceptional comfort for long ventures and helps the wearer sustain ongoing travels without a need to break.

The 56-357 Compact Modular ACU backpack is an essential pack for outdoor military activities especially for use in hot weather climates. This Army ACU backpack also serves as a modular compatible pack with the hydration bladder set.

This is without a doubt one of the best Army ACU backpacks available for sale. Whether you're a soldier or civilian, we hope you'll enjoy its features and benefits.