3 Advanced Cubing Systems for Warehouse Automation

Cubing Systems Warehouse management has changed through the year with the introduction of automation software that makes every process within the warehouse more efficient. This includes the movement, weighing and storage within the warehouse. For big warehouses that handle huge volumes of packages, advanced automated cubing systems are necessary. Here are some of the best cubing systems for warehouses.

In-motion Package Scanner from DimensionalWeighing.com

This package scanning cubing system leaves no room for inaccuracies; the laser technology is designed to provide accurate dimensional data, regardless of the speed of the conveyor belt. The scanner allows the warehouse to handle large numbers of packages at a much faster speed thanks to its high-speed lasers.

When it comes to installation costs, this cubing system will save you money because of its relatively small size. The IMPS dimensional system can be integrated into the conveyor configurations without having to alter the existing configurations.

Many warehouse managers have remarked at how efficient the warehouse is running since they installed this dimensional scanner, there is no more need to use tape measures which take a lot of time, such information can be established within seconds, saving time and money. To learn more about the in-motion package scanner, one of the most advanced cubing systems, visit DimensionalWeighing.com.

Walz Cube from WalzScale.com

The most unique and impressive feature of the Walz Cube cubing system is its ability to connect directly to the courier systems like DHL, Fedex, TNT and the like. This makes the recording system and transfer of data seamless as the information is shared directly using the internet.

The advanced technology enables a warehouse to simply connect the PC to the internet and the software will enable the easy exchange of data. The Walz Cube offers the option of using it as a standalone dimension system or it can be integrated into the conveyor belt system for faster processing at busy warehouses.

This static cubing system will provide accurate dimensional weighing and scanning for even the most busy warehouses. Customers who have used it say it has completely changed the way they manage packages for shipment and they did not have to worry a lot about installation since it was very easy.

Conveyor-based In-motion Cubing System from WalzEQ.com

This conveyor-based cubing system from WalzEQ.com can be used either for cartons or pallets. The warehouse can choose between 3 different dimensions for this cubing system.

  • 3000 low-cost dimension
  • 4000 carton dimension
  • 4010 inline cubing system

For a busy warehouses, the 4010 inline is the best as it is able to handle high-speed in-motion scanning, meaning work will be done faster in with more volumes scanned. The 3000 cubing system is for a budget warehouse with not so much activity. All three cubing systems from WalzEQ.com will provide weight and dimension data for packages. They can also be easily integrated into the existing systems.

All three of these cubing systems will be able to deliver certain general advantages to the warehouse. These include.

  • The labor cost will be reduced as a result of automation
  • The warehouse will provide faster and more efficient service to the customer
  • There will be reduced margins of error in recording accurate data
  • Inventory will be more accurate
  • The warehouse will be able to handle bigger volumes

These are proven cubing systems that offer the best functionality and performance for all levels of dimensioning, package weighing, and other warehousing automation needs.