Background information on the Forum for Democratic Change Uganda

The background behind the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) stems from a rich history of political turmoil and a need for change in Uganada. This need spawned from The National Resistance Movement (NRM), which was headed by President Yoweri Museveni.

The NRM, together with its military branch known as the National Resistance Army, successfully battled its way to Uganda political power in 1986. Amidst the time of the war, Yoweri Museveni established a powerful military presence and led the NRM to become a superior political organization for the country. The turn of events resulted in what would become the Forum for Democratic Change, or FDC, of Uganda.

In today’s world, many political parties and governments strive to meet the best interests of certain groups, whether those groups have righteous intentions or not. Many groups are simply trying to increase rankings or status among neighboring countries, whereas other parties have more righteous intentions, such as promoting greater health and wellness amongst their people. The FDC of Uganda is interesting example of military and political turmoil that offers a rich history we can all learn from.